What are the vulnerabilities to bullying throughout a career?

Some vulnerabilities stay; protected characteristics, for example, though attitudes do change: when I joined the BBC in 1987, the training course I joined the BBC on, specifically excluded wheelchair users; as studios were then inaccessible. A few years before I left the BBC, I was told that the EastEnders lot had been made wheelchair accessible.

Without conscious change, those with vulnerable boundaries remain vulnerable especially when promoted. Bullies, they managed, exploited their kindness, challenging their decisions openly. One day I hope even colleagues of such bullies will challenge them openly, lodging complaints if necessary. We are all responsible for ending bullying. If you witness bullying, you are being bullied, at the very least, out of having an opinion about what you are witnessing. Your silence tells a bully that you are also bullyable, and to say and do nothing is to consent.

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