If you want to stay safe and secure you MUST know what your vulnerabilities are

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The first mistake young people make on entering the workforce is not understanding what their personal vulnerabilities are.

“Meg had adored Ted from the moment she met him in the Sandpiper Tavern. She never had been able to understand what it was that made him stay with her; she’d had an overwhelming sense of failure for most of her life. She’d always felt she was the one member of her immediate family who hadn’t lived up to their expectations. Everyone but Meg worked in a prestigious profession, and she considered herself “only a secretary.” The love of a brilliant man like Ted had helped to assuage her feelings of inferiority…” “The Stranger Beside Me” Ann Rule.

Meg had a painful but not abusive childhood, leaving her with unremarkable vulnerabilities; however, the ‘Ted’ Meg attracted and fell for was Ted Bundy (he didn’t kill her. Bundy ‘only’ killed women he didn’t know.) I’m using this extreme example to get people to THINK about their own vulnerabilities. I don’t want to make people unnecessarily fearful. The vast majority of people you meet will be fine. Still, to be as protected as possible, you MUST identify your own vulnerabilities and have constructed clear, strong boundaries to protect those vulnerabilities.

In the entertainment industry, I’ve had cases of young women fall, allowing themselves to be seduced by charismatic individuals who then bullied them into remaining compliant. Could that be you? I think of charisma as a cover – why has someone worked so hard to attract others to them – what might their charisma be a mask for?

And or are you:

Conflict averse?

Too easy-going – letting others exploit or take you for granted?

How were you humiliated as a child?

What are you most ashamed of?

What attracts you to other people? Are those elements really admirable?

When in the past, have you said, ‘Yes’ when you should have said ‘NO!’

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