6. Types of perpetrators – let me take you on safari

  • Control freaks – I have 0.1% sympathy for these; however, the terror of not having complete control is their problem which they have no right to inflict on others.
  • Shouters – my personal favourite – as when angry, people can only think with the most primitive part of the brain – making them easier to expose by a reasonable, rational person. Again, tantrums are for babies, not adults. If someone can’t control their own behaviour, why are they employed at all?
  • Shockers – harassers often start saying something shocking to see what response they will get. Something they could say was a joke but actually is an attempt to broach boundaries. 
  • Blamers – accusing their target often of something the target would never do or something the bully is actually doing to test how firm someone’s perspective is.
  • Competitors want to get as much information from a target as possible to use against them, potentially.
  • Teasers – gauging how much disrespect their target will tolerate. 
  • Manipulators – if confronted they will usually tell a huge lie to excuse their behaviour – a death in their family is one of the most popular. In fact most bullies will try this if cornered.
  • Isolators & cliques – this sounds relatively one of the better ones – the target is left alone. This is one of the most dangerous forms of bullying. We are a tribal species – the fastest deterioration of a target’s mental health I’ve seen, was in those who had been isolated – it is a way of saying the target is beneath contempt – doesn’t even exist. It can make a target vulnerable to others who want to exploit the situation.

This is all nasty stuff but remember, roughly 1 in 25 human beings lack a conscience. 96% of human beings you will meet, will be reasonable, it’s the other 4% you need to be able, to spot coming. #workplacebullying #harassment

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