Why it is critical to stop sexual harassers right at the start – it only ever gets worse.

How to end sexual harassment

I’m posting the clip of Melissa Thompson being groomed by Harvey Weinstein again because it’s the most powerful anti-harassment warning I’ve ever seen – it’s classic harasser behaviour – that unchallenged only gets worse. This time I’ve listed the red flags I’ve seen in the clip below. I have no idea why the clip starts halfway through (you’ll need to start it again yourself) despite every attempt by me – please let me know why this is if you know.

https://tinyurl.com/u745hfkc while not explicit, if it might trigger you, please don’t watch.

Melissa Thompson is NOT doing anything wrong – this is all about what Harvey Weinstein does.

The red flags below shouldn’t be ignored, though I appreciate that Melissa must have thought her meeting with Weinstein was her big break.

In all honesty, if it were me at the same age, I think I would have got trapped too. Remember Harvey had done this so many times; he’s a master at it.

In the interests of this NEVER happening to anyone linked to your network, please forward the post.


Melissa is expecting a meeting with Harvey AND his marketing team,

Harvey arrives alone and locks the door (1)

MT goes for a handshake – Harvey knocks her hand away and hugs her instead – rubbing her back (2)

HW: That’s nice, let’s keep it up…. Am I allowed to flirt with you? (3)

MT: Hmm, we’ll see, a little bit

HW Then I won’t

(Melissa trying to ‘save’ the meeting)

MT: No…it’s OK

In a lot of the following, Harvey appears to be trying to normalise what he is doing, and what Melissa might get if she complies.

Harvey appears to be touching Melissa under the table (4) Melissa says his hand kept moving up her dress.

HW: You just tell me what I can do and when it’s going to happen (5)

Harvey leans in closer (6)

HW: It’s fun when we do this, but I’m actually, seriously having a conversation with you (7)

Melissa trying to get the conversation back to the professional

MT: OK, as long as we can do both.

Harvey underlining the power he has

HW: I’m going to use your service, and then you know you can sign me up, tell your boss (8)

MT: Data’s hot

HW: You’re hot…It’s OK would you like me to do it some more? (9)

MT: That’s a little too high

Harvey is rubbing Melissa’s back like he’d sizing up horse flesh. (10)

Melissa tells the interviewer (Sky’s Hannah Thomas-Peter) what she was thinking at the time,

“What do I do? How did I get myself here?” – heart-breaking self-blame.

Underlining his importance

HW: I’ve got to go edit a movie, but I’ll meet you at 5 for

a drink. Melissa thinks the meeting will be to close the deal.

She goes alone (11) to the hotel bar, which she says feels

safer than his office. Harvey arrives, telling Melissa to

follow him (12); she thinks it’s to a conference room, it

isn’t, it’s to his bedroom whereupon she says

he raped her. #sexualharassment #sexualharassmentawareness #sexualassault #sexualassaultawareness

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