How sexual harassers starts

After news yesterday, in the UK, of the scale of sexual harassment in schools

What will this mean when those targets and harassers enter the workforce!

With this in mind, I’m posting a clip of Harvey Weinstein

grooming a woman, Melissa Thompson, he later raped. It’s not explicit but

shows how harassers start. Don’t watch it if it could trigger memories of those who have harassed you.

Melissa Thompson is NOT doing anything wrong. I think if this clip

serves as the warning it should, we should be VERY grateful to her.

What will you do if someone in authority starts to behave in this way with you?

I counted 12 red flags, that I hope vulnerable people, who watch this clip will take on board. Weinstein’s assistant Zelda Perkins has said of Weinstein that, because she was warned – to keep her coat on and never sit next to him on a sofa – she was less afraid and could stand her ground, with him, as she knew he’d behaved this way before.

For this clip to serve the purpose it should PLEASE share with your networks #sexualharassmentinschool #sexualharassment


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