Why is the law so useless when it comes to bullying?

Bullying in the workplace, in the UK, is in itself is not illegal. There is a case ONLY if the damage can be evidenced and/or it can be evidenced that the target was bullied on grounds of one of the 9 protected characteristics: age, disability, faith, gender, gender orientation, marriage/civil partnership, maternity/paternity, race, and sexuality

By the time a target formally complains, it’s too late the damage has already been done. Bullying often regresses the target back to childhood trauma, so to their most vulnerable self and if the abuse, they’re experiencing, isn’t challenged it sets them up for the next bully.

There must be laws put in place, not because I want anyone to ever have to rely on the law but to set the standard for acceptable behaviour at work. If you are a freelance worker there isn’t even a formal structure within which a complaint can be lodged. So freelance workers must be included in any anti-bullying legislation. Companies, including the likes of Studio Lambert, should by law have in place proactive policies that make explicit what is and is not acceptable behaviour.  #anewnormal #bullyingintheworkplace #bullyingatwork #bullying #bullyingawareness #bullyingprevention

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