UK does not need to return to normal UK needs new normal

The scale of bullying and harassment in this country is horrendous – working via Zoom will not have improved things – working from home just makes the abuse more pervasive without direct engagement with colleagues for feedback/support.

TUC survey of safety representatives showed 45% of safety representatives listed it as second biggest workplace issue after stress. 1 in 4 workers had been bullied in the last 5 years and just under 50% had witnessed bullying. The cost in terms of mental health is incalculable – I’ve never seen a worker’s mental health deteriorate quicker than one being bullied – most are in bits in a matter of weeks. By the time they put in a grievance it’s too late, the damage has been done.

One example – managers who shout? There are only 2 legitimate reasons to shout at someone at work – to avoid an imminent accident or due to distance – the worker can’t hear. Question why do businesses employ managers who can’t even manage their own behaviour! UK doesn’t need to get back to normal UK needs a new normal #evolvingworkplaceculture

#shoutingisbullying #bullying #workplacebullying

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