Everyone should have the right to defend themselves

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There has to be international pressure to end this, a separate Israel and Palestine with an international peacekeeping force between.

I went to Israel in 1993, and I wasn’t impressed by the tour guide’s attitude to the Palestinians – “We built this country.” Later, he pointed out how the different clothes Jewish people were wearing denoted where they had immigrated to Israel from. I asked him what the Jewish people who had lived in Israel all the time wore – he wasn’t impressed. To be clear, what happened on 7/10 was a terrorist attack on a massive scale. I’m only surprised that it has taken this long for Isis to reach Gaza. Every bomb Israel drops on Gaza will create the next generation of terrorists.

When I was traveling through Israel, I passed through the place called Armageddon! If the international community isn’t capable of helping the Israelis and the Palestinians to end this, what hope do we have for dealing with climate change?

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