This is child abuse

The Dark Side of Ballet Schools

Ballet needs a rethink:

The fundamental problem with ballet is that you have to be a certain height and look a certain way. It’s time ballet had a rethink; they need dancers with different body shapes – fit, yes, but DIFFERENT. For an art to grow, it needs to change; it needs originality, not conformity to an outdated misogynistic ideal. Students training so hard, avoiding carbs, and losing so much weight their periods stop tells you everything you need to know about ballet’s attitude to women. It seems a bit like fashion’s attitude to the female form – just there to display a designer’s or this case, a choreographer’s masterpiece.

We had an all-male company dance Swan Lake – why should we not have an all-female company perform it? Ways can be found around the lifts. Because of the absurd way ballerinas are made to conform to succeed, ballet companies and schools are currently inherently misogynistic. They should have to report ALL eating disorders as part of their safeguarding. Girls aged 11 do not develop an eating disorder in a vacuum.


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