Andrew Tate the little boy who groomed the world

Full BBC Doc – actual title is “Andrew Tate The Man Groomed The World” that’s not how he comes across to me.

It’s not just him – he fronts a cult with its own wizard. Regarding women, his views remind me of Isis – both advocate the enslavement of women. Some argue Tate is only joking, but evidence of abuse amongst his membership is growing. Tate’s PhD Pimping Hoes’ Degree teaches men how to groom women into sex work to earn money for them – teaching coercive control.

Andrew Tate reminds me of another Andrew I went to school with who disrupted lessons. He was a pumped-up, angry little boy who, just like Tate, made ridiculous statements and threw childish insults. Inside, Andrew Tate is just a furious little boy.

People usually make their worst mistakes when they are being their most arrogant – so hopefully, this little boy will soon slip up. The garbage he spreads, however, is still very dangerous – not just inspiring violence towards women but grooming a whole generation of boys. 52% of 16-17yrs think positively of Andrew Tate. So I suggest you ask a date for his views on Tate; if positive, dump him!

#AndrewTate #LittleBoyTate

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