I’m most sorry for England’s fans…

Frustrated she might have been, but her actions were sneaky and spiteful – I’d give 3 match ban.

Lauren James didn’t just stamp on; she used her knuckles on Michelle Alozie’s back to lever herself up, so nearly full weight to get up, then she stamped with one foot on Alozie’s buttock. These were the spiteful actions of a 5-year-old child. Surely England’s coach has given all the players – there are cameras everywhere – talk? It was sneakily done. In contrast, Michelle Alozie has asked for James to be shown “respect” following the incident. I hope Lauren James has apologised to Michelle Alozie and will model her future behaviour on Alozie’s graceful example. If you are over 18, so an adult, you are expected to be able to control your behaviour; if you can’t, you should get a red card and a 3-match ban. If that’s what happens, Lauren James’ silly, sneaky, spiteful behaviour could cost England the World Cup.

Sure, Nigeria was targeting James – which she should have taken as a compliment, and the coach should have changed the plan and or substituted for James. So coach Sarina Wiegman bears some responsibility. I hope James is shown respect and women’s football learns the single most important football lesson foul behaviour loses…hopefully not the World Cup.

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