If you don’t intervene, what does that say about you?


I remember walking to work once, I saw a little elderly lady standing in her doorway; towering over her was a man – I asked her – “Are you alright” – she confirmed that she was; however, the man took offense, “What are you implying he asked.” “That you are a lot bigger and stronger than she is, and I wanted to check she felt safe – do you not know any vulnerable people you’d want to check that with?”

I know lots of people think It’s none of my business if you want to live in a civilized society it is your business. I often think of Jamie Bulger – how the adults who saw him with the 2 boys who killed him thought it was none of their business, that the older boys said he was lost and they were taking him to the police station, that he was their younger brother and they were taking him home. Just imagine if one of those adults had investigated a bit, asked Jamie why he was crying, or said they’d go to the police station with them. I feel for those adults; I bet they think about Jamie every day. At least save yourself from their fate ask the questions.


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