It’s not just Spain

Another brilliant documentary by BBC 3.

I was going to comment on what happened in Spain when I found this documentary – we are just as bad. I was shocked I didn’t realise it was still this bad.

When you look at how these racists behave, it’s like watching nasty 5-year-olds in men’s bodies – gross. I don’t understand why they don’t have more stewards with cameras fitted to them – like the ones they’re giving grassroots referees. So that when a steward sees or hears racism, they turn their camera on, which could be linked to a police control room. When the police see this evidence, they could send in officers to arrest the culprits on the spot – racism is a criminal offence – it should be treated as such. Fans could be better surveyed with cameras if they are concerned that stewards with cameras would be attacked. The clubs should cover the costs according to income. Currently surveillance footage looks very much on the grainy side.

Only one premier league club made players available to this documentary. It almost seems like the premier league thinks that with Kick It Out, they’ve done racism and now want to move on. Meanwhile, racism still runs deep in the premier league and has spread to the women’s game. You can’t half do something like racism; you have to eradicate it.

There is an assistant referee in this documentary who was found to have made a racist comment – he was suspended for 49 days and fined £75! Referees are the decision makers, the judge on the pitch. You can’t have someone in that position who has made a racist comment. At the very least, this assistant referee should make restitution – show whichever players the comment affected that they understand why what they said was wrong and have since acquired a comprehensive understanding of racism. 

#RacismInFootball #KickItOut

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