Could Trump win 2024?

Scandals that would have finished other candidates just seemed to make Trump more popular in 2016.

However then he was up against Hillary Clinton – I’ve always wondered which was Hillary’s greater disadvantage. Was it that she was a Clinton but not Bill, or was it that she was a woman? They say you should always look at the bookies odds if you want to know who will win.

Now according to Empire Stakes 18th May 2023

“2024 Presidential Election Odds Update May 18: Four More Years For Biden

To give context to the next election odds, we’ve provided the implied probability along with each candidate’s odds to become the next President of the United States. May 18 update: No changes at the top this week, but look who has moved into a tie for sixth: former First Lady Michelle Obama (2.9% chance of being elected, 33-to-1 odds). … Still, it’s looking more and more that President Joe Biden (40.0%, 6 to 4) will be a two-term president. He and former President Donald Trump (28.6%, 5 to 2) held steady at 1-2. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (16.7%, 5 to 1) ticked upward after weeks of decline. Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (20:1, 4.8%), son of the former attorney general and nephew of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President, and Vice President Kamala Harris (3.8%, 25 to 1) also did not move.”

Though you can’t get away from the fact that the 2016 race bookies had Trump 100-1 or more at the start. I would hate for a woman to become president because she is vice when an aging president dies – so president by default. That was another issue with Hillary – the feeling that she only got the nomination because she was married to Bill. If I were American, I would have voted for her but not happily.

I’m not being judgemental about America; after all, the UK voted in a lazy public schoolboy, a compulsive liar who has probably cost the UK more than any other prime minister – history will not judge him well, particularly taking Brexit into account – I wonder how much that has cost us. Tragically, the massive Johnson brain was used primarily to get away with things! I hope the Americans have had enough of all Trump’s wince-able exaggerations the Biggest, the Greatest, which, when a child Trump’s father found amusing – Fred Trump has much to answer for!


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