Tony Danker needs to stop digging!

Photograph: Toby Melville/Reuters

Joanna Partridge Guardian Wednesday 19th April:

or watch the 2 clips

1. Tony Danker trying to take the higher ground:

2. CBI president’s response:

Tony Danker, the former DG of the CBI, claims he has been sacked unfairly. Danker says he’s been made the “fall guy” – that the most serious allegations were about things that happened before he joined the CBI in 2020.

CBI president, Brian McBride, accuses Danker of being “selective” in his account of his departure….“If Tony Danker feels that we have acted inappropriately, he has of course got full redress and he knows that and we knew that before we dismissed him.”

In short, he knows that we know that he knows that we have evidence he would not like put before a court with the additional press coverage. I think this will probably be a checkmate. McBride looks embarrassed that this is still going on, that he has to do this. Danker doesn’t seem to be genuinely ashamed.

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