88% of nurses are women – that is why they are paid so badly

However, now finally, I think they’ve had enough


Governments have always taken advantage of nurses’ commitment to their patients, but how nurses are treated endangers the whole NHS – nurses are leaving in droves. It’s time for the Tories to make good on David Cameron’s biggest lie, “We’re all in this together.” Time to get money from those who actually have it. Those who made huge profits from Covid must stump up to save our NHS.


I know how these disputes will affect those waiting for treatment, but these strikes are about increasing pay to a level so there are enough clinicians to treat people – I can’t see any other way to bring this government to their senses. It can not be right that those we trust to nurse us are having to use food banks.

Sunak refuses to confirm whether or not he has private health insurance for him or his family! Mural by SledOne photo Simon Chapman/LNP Guardian 8th January 2023

If the NHS isn’t funded to a level good enough for Sunak and his family to use, then he can’t argue that it’s adequately funded for any of us.



Interesting that Royal Collège of Nursing members are being more hardline than those in Unison who have accepted the pay offer. RCN has over 500,000 members, whereas Unison only has 100,000 that are nurses. I would imagine nurses joined Unison because, traditionally, RCN wasn’t hardline enough – how times have changed.


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