They got the outcome right

How am I so sure the CBI did the right thing? Because he’s not suing – bang to rights

Let’s look at Mr Danker tweet

“I recognise the intense publicity the CBI has suffered following the revelations of awful events that occurred before my time in office. I was appalled to learn about them for the first time last week.” AKA: Not everything was me. Actually, most of it happened before I was director-general. It was the prevailing culture I just fitted in.

“I was nevertheless shocked to learn this morning that I had been dismissed from the CBI I didn’t expect that! instead of being invited to put my position forward as was originally confirmed. They said I’d have my chance to put my side – unfair unfair unfair! Many of the allegations against me have been distorted I didn’t see my behavour that way but I recognise that I unintentionally made a number of colleagues feel uncomfortable bang to rights but it was just fun; at least I enjoyed it – took it as a peak of my job and I am truly sorry about that not in the slightest bit except for getting caught and losing my job – truly sorry about that. I want to wish my former CBI colleagues every success.” Business is a tough world; they should have sucked it up. As sensitive souls, they’ll not get far without me!

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