Thank you, Gary Lineker, for exposing hypocrisy at BBC.

It’s true, having worked for the BBC for 28 years, I usually support her; however, like many licence fee payers, my patience is wearing thin. Current Director General Tim Davie was a Conservative party member who stood as a Conservative candidate in council elections in the 1990s. So fairly heavily involved in Conservative party politics before becoming Director General. Richard Sharp, a Conservative party donor, helped ex-prime minister Boris Johnson access an £800,000 loan – which he didn’t reveal when he applied for Chairman of the BBC. The Tory party must have thought they had a dream team.

Not with this pair of chumps. Tim Davie, when appointed, committed himself to a reinvigoration of impartiality at the BBC! Richard Sharp omitted a fundamental flaw in his candidacy for Chairmanship. Not only do they not see themselves as in any way compromised, Tim Davie has the gall to make Gary Lineker, a freelance presenter, step back from presenting for a post on Twitter that has NOTHING to do with the BBC. Additionally, he hasn’t criticized right-wing tweets by other presenters.

What should happen is that Gary Lineker agrees to put (in tiny letters) on his profile on social media platforms that on this platform, he is not expressing views held by the BBC. Tim Davie and Richard Sharp should resign – if not for their pariality, then for their incompetence! I think it safe to say that current senior BBC management has a clear tory bias.

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