Another girl, Rhianan Rudd, classed as a terrorist rather than as a vulnerable and groomed child-this time, it cost her life

It’s as if we’re not applying what we’ve learned about boys groomed for the county line drugs trade to radicalised girls. I’m reposting the last post about Shamima Begum as, for tech reasons, it didn’t appear as intended.

Radicalised girls are being considered as worse than radicalised boys?

Shamima Begum failed by counter terrorism or a national security risk too great?

Terrorism is obviously at the very far end of the bullying spectrum; however, the police were investigating Shamima Begum before she left the UK for Isis, but the letter informing her parents of that investigation was given to her! It would seem that the police were more interested in gaining intelligence than safeguarding the fifteen-year-old that she was. I think Shamima should be allowed to come home, not because I believe her story but because she was fifteen and only got to Isis because counter-terrorism didn’t stop her from going when they could have. She was a child who, safeguarding-wise, was failed by state intelligence. What security measures or criminal sentence she would have to serve, I don’t know. But I think she should face a UK court. There is a principle here – Samima is our problem. What we could learn from her could help prevent radicalisation of other children. I’m not trying to minimise how dangerous radicalised children can be after all the first suicide bomber of the modern age was a thirteen year old Iranian boy.

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