A book I didn’t want to read…

but I’m really glad I did!

The last time I dreaded a book this much was Andrea Dworkin: Pornography: Men Possessing Women. It has been argued that some of the books Andrea Dworkin wrote cost her her health – I can understand why. I think they were written by compulsion; she had to find the core truth in the abuse she had suffered.

Laura Bates’ “Men who hate women” isn’t quite as graphic. It is a must-read for anyone who doesn’t want women’s rights to go backward, for anyone who has children, for teachers, for anyone who wants to keep that arc bending towards justice, for anyone concerned about racism and the alt-right, the overlaps in hatred are extensive. Instead of fighting a country that elects a psychopathic leader, courtesy of the internet, we have to fight extremists in all our countries. Currently, we aren’t winning! Misogyny isn’t even a hate crime.

#MenWhoHateWomen #ExtremismWeIgnore @LauraBates

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