Stage Two Homicide Timeline Early Relationship: the commitment whirlwind.

Commit in haste repent forever

Online dating makes manipulation easier for abusive personalities. 65% of all communication is gained from body language. If you haven’t had that, you maybe missing those uncomfortable signals that something doesn’t feel quite right about this person. By the time you meet in that person, other signals you may have listened to might now be drowned out, by all those online messages and the ‘reasoning’ they’ve established! The bigger emotional investment you’ve made in another person, the more you will trust them and the harder you’ll be to persuade, when friends or family, reading the physical messages, raise concerns about your new partner.

Next time you witness someone being proposed to in public be wary. Only 15% of women prefer a public proposal. Is this proposer unaware of his partner’s preferences? Could the crowd add the pressure he wants to secure his bride? When I’ve seen women turn proposals like this down, I have no sympathy – you either didn’t know her well enough or you were hoping the added pressure would serve your agenda and it didn’t… three cheers for the assertive woman is what I’d say!

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