The longer an organisation leaves listening to its whistle-blowers, the bigger the scandal will be.

Whistle-blowing within an organisation should be valued, as whistle-blowers are often the employees who care most about an organisation’s reputation – all the organisation has to do is listen and investigate their concerns.

Organisations like the United Nations are bound to have more bullies & harassers. The first thing that any bully wants from employment is status, so abusive personalities will head for organisations that are well regarded, and by definition confer status on those who work for them. The more revered an organisation is, the more bullies & harassers it will have. Bullies and harassers also want power and opportunities to bully and harass but it’s status first. I’m not saying that bullies and harassers don’t work in your local supermarket for example however, given the choice they will chose a high status employer.

Like a lot of new entrants to revered organisations, I believed that all BBC workers would be nice! Yes, I was very naïve. A classic situation is for a runner to be groomed by a First Assistant Director, who will ridicule and dismiss the runner’s skills. If the runner says nothing, the bully – the First AD – now knows that the runner will probably take the blame for anything that goes wrong – so a very convenient dumping ground. If the UN wants to retrieve its reputation, it needs to listen to its whistleblowers as they are the employees with the best interests of the organisation in mind. In terms of the NHS whistle-blowing can save lives.

I don’t train people to be “trouble makers” I train them to be reasonable, polite and effective at preventing toxic behaviours at work.

“The Whistleblowers inside the UN”:

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