Control who has it in your relationships?

I’m reading ‘In Control,’ a book by Jane Monckton Smith, a former police officer, about dangerous relationships and how they end in murder. As a woman, I recognised something some men try when chatting up a woman. The type of men who try to take control of you, even before you’ve agreed to go out with them. “Get your coat you’ve pulled,” or the more modern version, “You belong to me.” He’ll then tell you where to sit and that he is buying you a drink. So right from the start, it’s about what he wants: to establish control. Fortunately, I’ve always been allergic to controlling men, so my response always started with an F and ended with an F, which was very effective. I do not doubt that these men keep going with that routine until a woman complies and he’s got what he wants: a compliant woman. The longer you leave it to avoid a controlling relationship, the harder it is.

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