Bully-proof for life

No human beings were hurt during the making of this production

Bullies want employers who give them Status, Power, and Opportunity. So they are particularly attracted to the Film and TV industry, Banking, Charity Sector, Faith Organisations, Politics, Police, Public Services, Army, and most unfortunately of all, the NHS, but you can meet them anywhere. You may have a bully in your family, amongst your friends, next door, in your church, in your local pub – what I teach can prepare people for all of these.

If you bully-proof a worker, they’ll use what they’ve learnt outside work too. When you bully-proof a crew, they’ll take what they’ve learnt on to other productions. One day I hope, like a kite mark, all film and TV productions will want to say No human beings were hurt during the making of this production, and I hope to find equivalent lines for any other industries who are willing to give this a try. I don’t teach people to be problematic, neither do I teach people to be nice; I teach them to be reasonable. I want to change the way you think about bullying & harassment.

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