10 Reasons to attend Bully-proofing FREE launch Wednesday 18th May at 12-noon

2. To safeguard you, your loved ones, and the businesses for which you work.

Because you never know when bullying and harassment can happen to you or one of your loved ones. Bullies and harassers are experts at finding people’s vulnerabilities, and they often use shock tactics to confuse their target.

What you learn, you can use to protect others

I had a BECTU member, James, who had just been promoted, and excited he accepted his new manager, Henry’s invitation to the pub for a drink to celebrate. All went as expected until he left the pub accompanied by Henry. Just as they were parting, Henry said, “You know, I had to get rid of Andrew, who last held your post, as he didn’t perform to my exact specifications.” James was shocked as he realized he had just been threatened. Henry chose a time and place where James would feel most blindsided. He was now starting a new job, intimidated – exactly as Henry had intended he should.

James realized that Henry was not trustworthy and not wanting to work for a micromanager; James transferred to another department as quickly as he could. Even though this was a sideways move – happiness is far more important than the next step on a career ladder.

I have known plenty of people in the Media industry to make a sideways career move, and not one of them regretted it; either they pursued a different career ladder or moved back when they could avoid the controlling manager, or they found employment with another company.

With control freaks, I can empathise – their childhood may have been horribly chaotic or controlled. However, that is their problem, and they have no right to inflict it on others. If they can’t manage their own behaviour they are not qualified to be in a workplace.

At some point in every career there maybe a need to escape!

2. To safeguard you, your loved one and the business you work for.

I teach people to spot the moments a bully is sizing them up and make sure that they consider all their possible options. At the FREE 1 hour launch at 12-noon on Wednesday 18th May I’ll talk about what I teach and why it works, it’s less stressful and takes a lot less time than policy. In 30 years experience I have yet to meet a target who wanted to lodge a complaint, they’ve all just wanted it to stop or not to have started in the first place. Book here: https://tinyurl.com/25e86sde

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