It’s all about your boundaries

I’m putting up the clip below of Zelda Perkins, an ex-assistant of Weinstein’s to complement Melissa Thompson’s clip. Melissa’s clip shows Weinstein’s modis operandi, Zelda’s clip demonstrates Zelda’s modis operandi in dealing with this abusive boss. In a later interview with The Guardian (Saturday 29th September 2018) Zelda said, “I happened to have the right set of tools in my personality to deal with him. I simply saw him as an unpleasant, lascivious boss and so treated him as such. I didn’t initially understand his power, or see him as the key to my future, which were the things that made so many others vulnerable to him.”

In the clip below Zelda talks about how a warning she got about Weinstein helped her react robustly when he attempted to breach her boundaries, “All she had said was, ‘Always sit in an armed chair and don’t ever sit on the sofa next to him and always keep you Puffa jacket on.‘…Actually, it was… an incredibly good piece of advice because it meant I was ready when he did actually start behaving badly but it also meant I wasn’t as frightened as I knew it had happened to other people. So I was very robust in the way that I dealt with it and he, you know took that.”

The posts on Weinstein are the most obvious examples of what I teach, I deconstruct the warning signs/the forms of grooming that all bullies and harassers use to assess potential targets and I provide ‘the right set of tools‘ to react appropriately and effectively. Come to my next FREE launch where I’ll talk about what I teach and why it works. At the very least it will change the way you think about bullying and harassment. Book here:

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