Bullying in NHS: psychologically healthy, adult human beings are not abusive, even under pressure – why is not one saying this in the NHS?

Story from “Do No Harm” David McCafftrey

“Gavriella’s Story former NHS employee

As a staff nurse I recall a number of incidents where I look back now and realise I was being bullied, but didn’t acknowledge it at the time. All concern consultants…a wound dressing not having been taken down prior to a ward round. I had only been made aware moments before the consultant turned up, do it hadn’t yet been done. He was so angry, he poked me in the shoulder repeatedly, hard enough to leave a bruise. When I raised it to my manager… I was told that they can simply ‘do what they want’ and that was the end of it.

On another occasion a consultant, whom I was unaware was a consultant as his patient was a sleep out from another ward, made an unannounced visit. As we are taught to do when unfamiliar with someone visiting, I asked who he was. The consultant immediately became angry, so much so that his patient actually had to intervene to calm him down. Once again I reported his behaviour to may manager only to be told that is ‘how they are’…

I know of other occasions where issues concerning consultants and their behaviour have been raised by staff nurses to managers, some with supporting evidence, but all have been advised not to pursue it as it would be damaging to the nurse’s reputation.”

All abusive behaviour is the abusers responsibility. Perhaps trusts should have targets on how many managers/consultants have been told to change their behaviour. Or compulsory 360 appraisal and/or anonymous staff surveys?

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