Did the Met. push Caroline?

I want to know, considering the Crown Prosecution wasn’t keen who exactly it was who pushed to have Caroline Flack prosecuted? What was that police officer’s record like in terms of attitude to gender, had they ever had a complaint of sexism upheld? Were they ever cautioned for a domestic?

Unfortunately, the scandals and questioning of police attitudes will continue to come until a new contract, or enforcement of the current one is explicit so that EVERY officer knows and can recite on command the promise – I am a public servant, paid for by the public, I must serve ALL the public no matter their age, disablity, faith, gender, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, maternity/paternity, race, sexuality. Even when arresting someone – NO MATTER THE CRIME – I will treat them with dignity and respect – as I, as a police officer, should at all times be an example of how the best behave.

I don’t mean to patronize the thoroughly decent officers we have but their job is so important, that you have to legislate for the worst. Likewise, children make mistakes and that should not preclude them from joining the force as long as those mistakes don’t involve violence, likewise, they would have to declare their social media records again the results should not preclude them joining the force as long as those records did not involve hate speech, ignorance in a child is excusable beyond that is a judgment call, but those making that call need to know that decisions made could come back and haunt their own careers. #carolineflack #metpolice

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