1. “Snakes In Suits”

Paul Babiak, PH.D. Robert. D. Hare, PH.D.

Essential reading

Why do I think this book is so important? This book looks at the worst examples of behavior in the workplace, so I think it serves as a warning – not only psychopaths manipulate and exploit people. However, I don’t want to make people paranoid. The most important reason I’m devoting this week to “Snakes In Suits” is to warn HR and management. If the most crucial aspect of your job is to protect your employer, you need to read this book.

“The premise of this book is that psychopaths do work in modern organizations; they often are successful by most standard measures of career success, and their destructive personality characteristics are invisible to many of the people with whom they interact. They are able to circumvent and sometimes hijack succession planning and performance management systems in order to give legitimacy to their behaviors. They take advantage of communication weaknesses, organizational systems and processes, interpersonal conflicts, and general stressors that plague all companies. They abuse co-workers and, by lowering morale and stirring up conflict, the company itself. Some may even steal and defraud.”

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