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If you take protecting your employers’ business/reputation seriously, you need to read “Snakes in Suits.” I’m not asking you to do this because I think there is a psychopath around every corner – it’s estimated that only 1% of the population are actual psychopaths. Like most union officials I’ve worked with, I inwardly groaned when a member tells me their boss was a ‘psychopath’ – because neither the member nor I are qualified to make such a statement. Worse saying their boss was a psychopath in a grievance meeting for the same reasons can damage the credibility of their case. However, many of the abusive behaviours are not exclusive to psychopaths. Psychopathy is on a spectrum – so reading this book could be critical to protecting your employer’s business.

Robert Hare PH.D. is a pioneer in the study of psychopathy and developed the psychopathy checklist, the international standard for the clinic/forensic assessment of psychopathy.
Paul Babiak PH.D. is a New York-based industrial and organisational psychologist specialising in helping executives deal with possible psychopaths hiding within their organisations. He and his collaborators have conducted the most influential original research on corporate psychopaths.

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