What happens when managements fall for charisma

What happens when a bank’s management falls under the spell of a charismatic, ruthless man. Fred Goodwin, a vicious bully, made RBS the biggest bank in the world (briefly) was allowed to do as he pleased. Without boundaries, Goodwin overreached RBS’ capacity and almost destroyed the UK economy in his downfall. Exceptions made for bullies always end badly. Those with no regard for subordinates they are unlikely to care about the ramifications of what they do for the company they work for or even their country. The Bank That Almost Broke Britain is BBC Documentary made 10 after the crash. I find the attitude of seniority management interesting – still in denial. #charismaIsCover #charismaCostLives #bullyingAlwaysCosts #workplacebullying #bullying #bullyingawareness #bullyingprevention


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