The problem with charisma!

In the interests of balance, let’s look at a politician whose politics I’d support but whose behaviour demanded quite rightly his resignation.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

He got same sex-marriage for New York State

Equal pay

Gun control 

He made his 3rd term election about not being Donald Trump – ironic -they have a lot more in common than anyone would like to admit.

He was regarded as someone who reacted to Covid responsibly first 2 terms – accusations of bullying – to which Jimmy Vielkind Wall Street Journal commented:

“Everyone calls Andrew Cuomo a bully.

Ok, he’s a bully who got you a minimum wage hike, same-sex marriage, and a strict gun control bill.

D’you care he’s a bully? Or you d’want someone who looks good, smiles a lot, that you’d happily hand your baby to who doesn’t get anything accomplished for you.”

We really should be beyond an either-or; we should be able to demand both.

Cuomo’s mistakes were covered up, care home policy and Covid policy, cost lives!  third term and downfall.

I now regard all charisma with suspicion – what have you worked so hard to disguise?

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