Only 6% of children in UK are privately educated, yet private schools were listed 8 times more than state schools in the report on sexual harassment, sexual assault in schools!

The root of the problem is summed up in one word, ‘Entitlement’, to do as they please with girls’ bodies heedless of consent. Public school pupils think they are entitled to the best jobs, best salaries, most privileged lives. Seeger Peggy says it best,

“…When exploitation is the norm
Rape is found in many forms
Lower wages, meaner tasks
Poorer schooling, second class
We serve our own, and, like the men
We serve employers — it follows then
That bodies raped is nothing new
But just a servant’s final due.”

Zara McDermott uncovers a ‘rape culture’ raging in Britain’s schools: #rapeculture #everyonesinvited

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