Exclusion: one of the most dangerous forms of bullying.

We are a tribal species – an excluded target’s mental health will suffer, and they will be more vulnerable to the crew predator. The predator supports to target for their own agenda, for example seducing them even bullying them into remaining ‘compliant.’

Excluding a team member is inexcusable as being treated with dignity and respect is a human right. To exclude tells a target they are so contemptible as not to exist! There can be legitimate reasons but they have to be reasonable.

I’ve even come across a senior production team member who used the vulnerability of a team member’s mental health crisis to seduce them! I don’t want put people off working in film and TV – you will meet some wonderful, creative and talented people. However, in any industry that offers status, power, and opportunity, you will find those who want to exploit others. I see my job as upskilling ALL workers to spot perpetrators and to know, politely, what to say to stop them if they attempt to groom. I advise those being excluded to call it out ASAP, “Why am I being excluded? Do you have an issue with me?” #exclusion #workplacebullying #bullying #harassment #bullyingawareness #bullyingprevention

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