Why I exist on linkedin

I’m here to bully-proof people and workplaces so that both are happier, creative, and more productive. Don’t underestimate the cost of bullying to industry – some 18 billion each year. For the individual, the fastest damage I’ve seen done to an individual’s mental health has been in those being bullied. Being bullied often takes a target back to childhood, to their most vulnerable self.

I help individuals identify why they might have been targeted previously and the boundaries that need to be fortified.

For workplaces, I ensure that they stay mentally healthy by upskilling their workers to spot bullies and harassers at the grooming stage and politely rebuff their intentions.

Like burglars casing a joint, all bullies and harassers groom to work out what they can get away with whom. That’s the game-changer – if you know people’s intentions, you can change them.

Once a workforce fully understands the rules, it becomes a safe workplace where anyone can politely point out a breach. So effectively, companies use their workers to ensure no litigation on the grounds of anyone’s behaviour.

I have been holding individual launches where I talk about what I teach and why it works. I cover the usual grounds of anti-bullying and harassment courses, but I also talk about who gets targeted and why and how a perpetrator can be stopped in their tracks at the grooming stage.

If you want a launch, please message me a date and an hour when you are free. #workplacebullying #bullying #harassment #bullyingawareness #bullyingprevention

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