Re: yesterday’s article, how much historical pupil-on-pupil sexual abuse, at boarding schools has been exposed?

Fagging was a traditional practice in British public schools and also at many other boarding schools, whereby younger pupils were required to act as personal servants to the eldest boys. Although probably originating earlier, the first accounts of fagging appeared in the late 17th century. Fagging sometimes involved physical abuse–and/or sexual abuse. Although lessening in severity over the centuries, the practice continued in some institutions until the end of the 20th century.” 

Please find links to reports below:

Guardian online Sunday, June 13th, 2021 the passages from which that stand out are, “The allegations at Eltham College, which date mainly from 2016 to present day, are part of a growing acknowledgment of the scale of claims of sexual harassment, abuse and violence that pupils – mainly girls – endure both inside and outside school. An Ofsted report on Thursday found that such behaviour was so “normalised” that many pupils did not bother to report it.”

Ofsted review of sexual abuse in schools:  

Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse

When I storyline researched for EastEnders the 2001, sexual abuse of Kat Slater, “You’re not my mother” “Oh yes I am!” Kat’s uncle had raped Kat Slater, the resulting baby had been passed of as Kat’s sister Zoe. Kat revealed this to Zoe to stop her going away with that same uncle. At the time the NSPCC told me that the next biggest scandal regarding child sexual abuse, that society needed to deal with, would be child-on-child sexual abuse. How much of it has yet to be exposed? Or how much of it would that breach old-boy network rules. What I was in exposed to I’m sure was very minor in comparison. 51,060 testimonies so far

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