Doesn’t this just say it all

“Just one BBC employee has lost their job over the past two years due to bullying or harassment, despite 33 cases being either upheld or partially upheld.” from Broadcast. I think, without naming names, the BBC should justify why individuals, who were found to have bullied, were not sacked. Bullies love working for employers like the BBC as it gives them the 3 things they want most – status, power, and opportunity. EVERYONE at the BBC should know what is and is not acceptable behaviour. When I worked at the BBC bullies were just moved or promoted! It would seem not much has changed. Public bodies where complaints of bullying are upheld should say, without naming names why the perpetrator was allowed to keep their job. Could be because it was the first offence, in very stressful circumstances perpetrator knows if there is a repetition in the next 3 years they will lose their job or both parties have agreed to mediation for example #bullyingatBBC #bullyingatbeeb #Auntystillbullies #workplacebullying #bullying #bullyingawareness #bullyingprevention

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