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We tell our children to look both ways before crossing the road, to never accept sweets from strangers and to never get into a strangers car yet, currently NO ONE warns young people of the dangers they face at work from bullies and harassers. I teach people to recognise the signs of grooming and to respond appropriately, politely but effectively – please find a few examples below.

  • pressurizing a potential target to apologise for something that is not their fault. If the target apologises the bullying begins.
  • a manager pretending to be nice, threatening indirectly, an employee who as a long-term health condition/are disabled, might say, “I’m so glad your cancer is in remission, you would not believe how much difficulty we’re having with someone else whose cancer is spreading, they won’t accept they can no longer do their job!” The response could be direct, “That sounds like an indirect threat, are you threatening me?” And/or the conversation could be reported to a union rep, HR and even their manager’s manager – this should be done ASAP as threats to the most vulnerable can further damage their wellbeing. Further records should be keep of all further interactions with this manager – date, time, what was said, listing any witnesses.
  • One of the most dangerous forms of bullying is exclusion because we are a sociable, tribal species. Exclusion can damage the targets mental health really quickly and can put then at further from predators. I had cases where a predator has ‘supported’ the excluded target until they have seduced them and then further bullying that target to remain compliant! Exclusion should be called out ASAP “Why am I being excluded.” #workplacebullying #bullyingawareness #bullyingprevention #bullying

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