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I realize that my post yesterday was a bit grim.

“It breaks my heart to have to say that every time a perpetrator manages to make their target take responsibility for the bully’s abusive behaviour – another layer of negative belief about themselves their target will have. Which makes them easier to spot by the next bully – and so it goes on. It’s not just children who are made more vulnerable by being sexually abused. EVERYONE who is on the receiving end of any abusive behaviour is made more vulnerable by it – from your violent sexually abusive partners right down to your common-or-garden lesser-spotted snapper at work.”

Sounds grim? However, the answer is not complex; targets need to change their perspective, understand multiple forms of grooming, and react at the first signs, as they happen, rather than having a wish I’d said session afterward. 

I prepare potential targets to spot a bully, sizing them up for an attack/grooming them, and I help them constructive polite responses that I’ve seen stop a bully in their tracks. I’m not asking anyone to go somewhere I haven’t been. When you stand your ground and politely challenge a bully, it changes EVERYTHING. Having a reasonable, assertive workforce ensures best practice in the organisation they work for and a happy workforce IS a more productive one – this is what I do.

I am holding another FREE launch on Wednesday 15th September at 12-noon:

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