So as a manager what is and is not constructive feedback?

As a manager, you are paid to recruit appropriate talent and then to inspire that talent.

If you recruit someone who is not performing to an appropriate standard, your job is to get them there – you are paid to manage not to bully.

If you can not manage your own behaviour, then you shouldn’t be a manager.

If you bully someone whose performance you are trying to improve

  1. The opposite happens – as by bullying, you are regressing that target back to their most vulnerable self – a child being bullied. 
  2. And it’s your performance as that manager that should be in a capability process.

I’m not expecting a miracle here; I’m expecting people in the workplace to behave as grown-ups – it’s time that behaviours at work evolved!

I don’t care if someone’s performance is the most incompetent on the planet – abusive behaviour is ALWAYS the perpetrator’s fault.

SMART objectives should govern all feedback

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-based

Negative feedback, given in an abusive manner, is about what the perpetrator wants: to vent, to distract, to blame, to humiliate, to subdue, to control

EVERYONE SHOULD BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY IRRESPECITIVE OF PERFORMANCE.  #leadership #bullying #workplacebullying #bullyingatwork #anewnormal #workplaceculture

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