How Boris got his ‘parties’ started

Boris Johnson in about 1990 in Brussels, he was the Daily Telegraph correspondent illustration: Guardian Design

I’m going to stick my neck out hereI think had the prime minister said at the start of the lockdown, We are at war with this virus, and to save lives, we need to lockdown; the modelling shows us catastrophic numbers of dead if we don’t. Because this is a war-type situation, the government will be working 24/7, and like others fighting this war, we may not be able to socially distance ourselves. Still, we are asking officials and ministers to form bubbles, and we have made some accommodation available to key officials and ministers in Downing Street. Those unable to be part of a bubble will attend meetings via zoom. Having said that, celebrations within the bubble could more credibly be justified in terms of brainstorming, morale, and helping maintain the team spirit necessary to continue the fight. Instead, we had Boris who only credby cared about Boris.

However, we are where we are – let’s look at how a lazy public school boy went from being a lazy journalist to a prime minister, how he got his ‘party’ started from the Guardian

The full BoJo

Optimistically to my ear, Chris Mason, political editor BBC News, said yesterday that in politics if you are explaining you are losing and that Boris Johnson is doing a lot of explaining. I think the Tories will save him as they don’t want a by-election now!

A BBC journalist told me that Boris Johnson was the most charismatic politician they’d ever met

Reckless and untruthful is Boris Johnson’s modi and why the British public fell in love with him enough to give him an 80-seat majority. Beware the charismatic – why has someone gone to so much trouble to construct an instantly likable persona – what does it hide?

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