A missing vulnerable woman treated as a tourist attraction found dead.

Regarding Nicola Bully – social media hits the bottom of the barrel.

“Shortly after Bulley’s disappearance, police were forced to put in place a dispersal order after TikTok and YouTube influencers arrived on the scene, intimidating local people and causing a nuisance to police.

Hundreds of people have since traipsed through the beauty spot, taking photographs for social media, and other visitors broke into buildings and went through local people’s gardens at night in the hope of finding her.” Guardian Monday 20th Feb 2023 https://tinyurl.com/ywvw3j8r

Actually, in a decent, grown-up world, the police revealing that Nicola Bulley was having a problem with menopause and alcohol shouldn’t be a problem; no one is perfect. I think everyone at some point in their life needs a mental health MOT. All that police announcement should have meant was that people understood why finding Nicola was so urgent.

In some cases, social media has helped find missing people, but what happened on social media with Nicola Bully was at the other end of the spectrum; instead of supplying police with information, people turned up at the location where she was last seen taking selfies – rubber-necking gone mad, treating a family’s desperate anguish as a game. When challenged, what did those taking selfies say?

#MadRubberNecking #NicolaBully

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