Abusive people seek the cover of highly respected organisations

Precisely because no wants to believe that bad people work for respected organisations.

So whether it’s Oxfam workers using their Status, Power, and Opportunity to sexually exploit vulnerable adults while working aboard – the reputation of the organisation gives them cover. Who wants to believe that those Kind, people who have travelled here to help would ever abuse their position! When actually it’s the perfect job for an abusive personality to exploit.


Or famous disc jockeys – Jimmy Savile, and Tim Westwood using their celebrity Status, Power and Opportunity to abuse young women and girls. No one wanted to believe that celebrities abuse. Additionally many of the targets they pick no one will believe – Tim Westwood’s targets were young black women and girls – fans.


It’s not just British police that have been accused of using their Status, Power, and Opportunities to abuse. This excellent documentary by the BBC’s youngest channel BBC 3 on U.S police officers sexually assaulting young women and girls – the most common age of those targeted is 14-15yrs old.

This documentary illustrates how abusive personalities will look for jobs that give them Status – police officers are the good guys right? Power and Opportunity to target vulnerable young women and girls, the type less likely to be believed – poor. This documentary also looks at the collateral damage such cops do to the service.



The more highly regarded the institution the more attractive it is to abusive personalities. So in UK that would be The BBC, Film and TV Production, Media, Police, Politics, Charity Sector, Faith Organisations, Academia, Sports coaching, Social Services, and most unfortunately of all the NHS – all provide great cover – no one wants to believe that those working in such institutions could be abusive and their positions.

The United Nations – I rest my case: https://tinyurl.com/37f64bdh

‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’ except those who work for the UN!


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